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About us

PayRupees Digital is a B2B and B2C “Made in India, Made by Indians and open to Everyone” Digital Service Provider Company. We are One Digital Platform for all your Digital Needs. Our services include but are not limited to All kinds of Recharge Services, Bill Payments, Domestic Money transfer, Tour and Travels Booking Services, Insurance Repayment service etc. Our all products combined solve many problems from Urban to Rural areas, especially in Rural areas. Where people are not well aware of Banking Services or think Banking is a Complex process. Our Payment and Financial Services enable them to Send, Receive and Withdraw their Money with the help of our cutting edge one touch, No contact devices from their Bank Account without actually visiting the Bank. We take pride in what we do and how we do it, and as per our Mission and Vision we are trying to reach as many people as possible and leave a positive impact on their life. We also provide an Online Selling Platform, where anybody can join us and sell their products online. We have a dedicated support team if you face any problem at any time.

Our Vision

We are “Made in India, Made by Indians and open to Everyone” Company and we value Rupees(Money) that's why we are "PayRupees Digital". Our Vision is to create one of a kind Digital platform to Solve problems faced by many and see everyone using it Happy and Smiling. Just think, A senior citizen who is above 70, can Withdraw Money sent by dear ones to him/her, and also be able to Send Money to his/her dear ones from the next Shop/Store near the house without visiting and standing in the queue of the actual Bank. It is possible and Our Dedicated team is always tirelessly working to make it happen. We want everyone to go Digital and enjoy Digital Services from his/her own Comfort Zone, no matter where and how Young or Old he/she is. Age, Place and situation should not be a problem for using Digital services.

Our Mission

With our Vision and “Made in India, Made by Indians and open to Everyone” concept, including our desire to reach everyone and make People Happy with our Services irrespective of Age, Place and situation. We want to Create Direct, Indirect job opportunities for the masses within our own capacity and help them earn from their Comfort zone, keeping our Vision in mind. This way we will give it back to our Community and help them to be Independent. Apart from that We want to Grow As Big As Possible with our Partners, Clients, and customers. Where everyone would be making profits including us. Our goal is to enable and empower everyone with our cutting edge Digital Products and Services. PayRupees should be beneficial and Paying Rupees to everyone including us. Users of our Platform will be rewarded for using the Products and Services we offer, including but not limited to Selling their home grown or local products through us. Cheers!